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October 8, 2015
October 23, 2015
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as every angeleno knows, it does not matter if you live 5 miles or 15 miles from your job, you are going to hit traffic. we often plan our whole day around traffic by going in early or working late, finding activities around the office, or just killing time to avoid having to sit motionless on the freeway for an hour. the most difficult part of the daily commute is the feeling that you are wasting time that could be spent being productive. below are a couple tips for the busy professional to maximize your commute!

listen to a book on tape

with work, social schedules, and netflix taking precedence in your life, it’s sometimes hard to catch up on your reading list. books on tape are great way to catch up on your reading and knock a few books off your “30 must reads before you’re 30” list.

catch up with friends and family

during the busy work day it is hard to find time to text or call your loved ones. make a call list and catch up with friends and family that you have not talked to recently. also, when you are in the car it is one of the few times you aren’t distracted by other people, tv’s, computers, and emails, allowing you to focus entirely on the conversation.

find a great podcast

podcasts are a great way to keep abreast on news, entertainment happenings, and more. with millions of engaging podcasts on the air, it is impossible to find one that does not interest you. podcasts are not just limited to news; look for stories, comedy shows, or interviews that will help pass the time.

learn a foreign language

whether you have a trip planned overseas or have always dreamt of learning a foreign language, commuting is a great time to focus on learning something new. you can use different apps downloaded to your phone – duolingo and babbel are among the highest rated for learning a language – or invest in rosetta stone and play the cd’s in your car. commuting gives you the perfect opportunity to focus on polishing your spanish skills or prep for your trip to europe.


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